Sumo Science and Aardman at EIFF

I went to see Sumo Science & Aardman talk at EIFF as part of the Nokia Shorts Weekender. It was an amazingly inspirational chat. “Dot” is the world’s smallest stop frame animation with the main character measuring a mere 9mm. They shot the film using Celloscope technology on a Nokia 8 Camera Phone. Celloscope is a microscope attached to the end of the camera phone and was invented so nurses could take pictures of blood samples, email them to doctors thousands of miles away, and immediately diagnose patients to provide treatments for diseases such as malaria. Sumo Science shot the film literally under a microscope to achieve fantastic and surreal results.

“Gulp” is in production and is going to break the World Record for largest stop-frame animation. By contrast, they attached the Nokia 8 to a crane and shot down on a beach, using the sand as a massive 2-D canvas and involved found elements, pixelation, and large models. I can’t wait to see the finished product.