Jiggly Boggly and the G.O.S.H. Monsters

Published in 2012, sold at Amazon & Waterstones

136 children from 33 different schools within every borough of London, along with 4 in-patients at G.O.S.H. (Great Ormand Street Hospital), were involved in the project and worked together to create unique and imaginative characters. I contributed a character and was also asked to illustrate the opening and closing story for the book.

'Monster Tall' is a cute and humourous illustration of a blue horned creature created for Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH)
Photograph of page layout for Jiggly Boggly Monster book

Cute watercolur and ink illustration of a girl on a tricylce with her hands over her ears.
“A few people heard the hum, including a gangly girl with beautiful knees who tricycle to school every day. The hum grew louder as she reached the playground.”
Cute waterclour and ink illustration of a hen coup filled with missing parcels.
“All the citizens of London Town could hear the hum now and it was causing chaos – a postman delivered five hundred and six parcels to a hen-coop in Bexley…”

Small black furry creatures called nusiance nuggets play cheerfully with a banana curd tart.
“Jiggly Boggly was the sort of Monster Caretaker who carries a satchel full of monster care stuff, such as Nusiance Nuggets (always handy in an emergency).”

Illustration of monster food which is conker shells and thistle milk.
“Monsters live cheerfully in school boiler rooms, as long as they are fed regularly on conker shells and thistle milk.”
Jiggly Boggly gazes out the window a London town with his cup of gingerbread tea.
“Jiggly Boggly put his feet up at last with a mug of gingerbread tea.”