Max Puddle

An illustrated hero image of Max Puddle, an adventurous boy in a yellow raincoat and red wellies who lives under a rain cloud. He stands with his friend May, who has wild red hair, and his energetic black Scottie dog Bo.
Animated TV and storybook idea. Developed with Jess Connell (Script Editor, Kudos).

In a little old house, alongside a little flowing river, atop a small hill and underneath a boy-sized rain cloud lives Max Puddle. For Max, living under a rain cloud can almost certainly have its challenges. He can’t go anywhere without causing a soggy, muddy mess! Max takes these challenges in his stride, as he discovers that living under a cloud can be a great thing… so long as you aren’t afraid to get wet!

A lonely boy, Max Puddle, lives under a constant rain cloud and is sadA boy, Max Puddle, lives under a rain cloud. He is teased by other young British school children on the playground.
Max Puddle, a boy who lives under a rain cloud, walks through the rain kissed trees to discover a girl, May. Her red hair is tangled in the branches of a tree.

A beautiful water world set on a riverbank with a rickety old house and a houseboat. A watercolour illustration. The world of Max Puddle is confined to the wet and colourful riverbank where Max, Bo and May all live.

A watercolour illustration of Max Puddle, a boy in a yellow raincoat who lives under a cloud. He pulls toys and fun objects lost out of his best friend May's massive red hair.
Max knows that living under a rain cloud makes him unique and he uses his difference to breathe life and fun to his little patch of home.

A boy, Max Puddle, lives under a raincloud and gives his best friend May a hug. He wears a yellow raincoat and she has flaming red hair. They are on a swing beneath a rainbow. A Scottie dog looks on. A watercolour illustration.
Max Puddle is about adventure, learning and fun. It uses puddles as a transition from the real, luscious and vibrant landscapes that Max, Bo and May inhabit to their more enchanting and whimsical imagined spaces.