Not Lost in the Universe

Published by Fingerprint in 2013.

Not Lost in the Universe is a series of interactive storybook apps that follow the intergalactic adventures of Kip and Bella. Despite being utterly lost in the universe, this brother and sister team remain adamant that they know exactly what they’re doing, and are confident that they’ll find their way back to Earth. Designed to teach children about science, technology engineering and maths, the Not Lost series provides children with a fun, new educational resource to be accessed via the iPad.

I designed all the artwork, including tackling a good chunk of the UX with writer Jess Connell (Script Editor, Kudos).

Home screen for 'Not Lost in the Universe'. This quirky children's app for iPad teaches 6-10 year olds about renewable energy. Published by Fingerprint Play.

Not Lost in the Universe long scrolling screen where user can play musical flowers. Kip and Bella our heros look on.

Not Lost in the Universe promo shot of Kip, Bella, and Borko aboard their spaceship.Renewable energy pipe game. The user must tap to turn the tiles until they fit together to make a path for the water to run and create hydro energy.

iTunes Store screengrap of Not Lost in the Universe, published by Fingerprint Play
A boy and girl, aged six, play Not Lost in the Universe on an iPad

Geeks With Juniors Review:
“Renewable energy resources may not be a common topic to discuss with your juniors, but Not Lost in the Universe may change that. The app is really well-made — the story is interesting, the illustrations/animations lovely, and the interactive bits engaging. Overall, I would highly recommend this app to parents…”