Ozz the Owl

Animated TV and storybook idea. Developed with Jess Connell (Script Editor, Kudos).
Ozz the non-nocturnal, island dwelling owl is looking for love and adventure…in all the wrong places.

Ozz the Owl floats dreamily after a plastic bag in a sundrenched sky. The Fisherman looks on, nonplussed.
Ozz the Owl can't get to sleep
Ozz has always been the odd Owl out. Try as he might, he just can’t sleep when the sun is shining. When the sun sets, and the other, more conventional Owls are waking, Ozz falls into a deep slumber.

Ozzl the Owl and his friends, Robin, the Fisherman and Worm
Optimistic and happy-go-lucky, Ozz holds the belief that there is another owl like him out there and one day he wil find her.
Pip the graceful robin is a loyal friend to Ozz and often joins him on his adventure.
The Fisherman is a grumpy local and a loner who doesn’t share Ozz’s enthusiasm or hope for finding a mate.
Worm, the cheeky earthworm, likes to torment Ozz and always manages to be two steps ahead of him.

Ozz the Owl and Pip the Robin sit on a cloud looking at their little island under a rainbow
For better or worse, they live together on an idyllic wee island in the middle of a vast sea surroneded by mountains and the possibility for adventure.

Ozz the Owl and Pip the Robin sing under a rainbow
The world of Ozz and his friends is filled with music.