Quiet Is…Counting Sheep

“Quiet Is…” a charming original stop-motion show designed to help toddlers get ready for bed. The 10 x two-minute show premiered as part of the Disney Jr.’s channel relaunch in March 2012 and was the second ever Disney commission in the UK.

The show was created by Glasgow based children’s author and illustrator Sara Pinto (The Alphabet Room) and Vermont, U.S.-based photographer and filmmaker Luciana Frigerio. I line-produced the series, but also designed and animated the 2D dream sheep sequence which features heavily in the final episode (available in the USA).

A stopframe puppet sheep dreams of funny dreamsheep acting increasingly outrageous ans then jump over a fence
A cute fluffy Disney dream sheep jumps over a fence
A cute Disney ballerina dream sheep shushes a group of party sheep over a picket fence