SEO Plug-in

Wow. My SEO pet project this week is already showing dramatic results. If you google “freelance animator” or “freelance animator Edinburgh” and a few other key phrases my site now shows up on the first page. If you’re a wordpress user, this SEO plug-in is essential.

Website Updated

I have just finished updating the site with new material and new features. I’ve added lightbox and some effects to make video and imaging navigation even easier. I’ve also added branding to my illustration page, and a digital book.

Click here for a sneak peak of the artwork


I think MOO is amazing. They print high quality business cards, mini cards, stickers, and postcards and they also sell cool accessories. This weekend I tried out the stickers feature.
Sticker 01


Finally! I have discarded the shackles of Dreamweaver and embraced a content management site.  My hope is that all of the issues I had with the old site (primarily, the incredibly time consuming and fiddly updates) will be a headache of the past.

Welcome to the 2011 site.